Code of Conduct

We are proud partners with the national group - Council of Baseball Scorers (CABS) promoting baseball scoring in Australia. Please take time to read the CABS Code of Conduct below.

The Council of Australian Baseball Scorers’ (CABS) Code of Conduct has been developed for all scorers to abide by whilst  participating in an official capacity at any baseball game. It is recognised that scorers play an integral role in our sport and their performance and professionalism is observed by all in the baseball community in their capacity as a scorer.


CABS scorers acknowledge responsibility and agree to:-

·        accept responsibility for all their actions/decisions

·        sit with the opposition scorer in a neutral scoring location

·        remain in the designated scoring location until all post game duties

         have been completed

·        be impartial on scoring deliberations

·        declare a conflict of interest as necessary

·        keep abreast of rules and changing techniques of scoring

·        seek improvement and clarification on rulings as necessary

·        be respectful and open to discussion

·        share scoring expertise and knowledge with other scorers and

·        be a good role model for other officials


In their role as a scorer will not:-

·        be guilty of barracking whilst scoring

·        be guilty of making criticism of other scorers, coaches or team players

         by word or gesture

·        draw players or coaches attention to rule infringements, during the

         progress of the game

·        prompt the umpire about a ruling or status of pitch count unless invited

·        change a recorded scoring decision without regard for the recognised

         official procedure for this instance

·        use mobile telephone whilst scoring

·        smoke or drink alcohol whilst scoring or

·        make comment to the media unless authorised by the appropriate


·        discretion should be used prior to releasing information during a game

         to non team or tournament officials.